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Kibale National Park


Kibale Forest Primate Reserve is located 35 kilometers south of Fort Portal, it also shelters Uganda's third largest population of elephants. For visitors, the major attraction in the park is the 500-strong population of chimpanzees - one of man's closest relatives. Visitors can opt for 4-hour guided forest walks to catch a glimpse of some of the chimps.

Kibale equatorial rainforest contains the highest concentration of primates in the world, including about 500 chimpanzees. This enchanting park is full of lakes, marshes and grasslands and its slopes contain several distinct types of forests (lowland tropical rainforest, deciduous forest and montane forests), perfect for its arboreal inhabitants. Out of the 12 primate species living in Kibale, the chimpanzees attract the most attention.

Eleven different species of primates have been recorded in the park. This includes the Black and White and Red Colobus, L'Hoest's Monkeys and Galagos. The reserve is also home to a large population of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and a large variety of butterflies and birds.

Some of the more "popular" birds are the Hornbills and Turacos. For the nature lover, the rainforests themselves are a wonder - the trees grow very high and their circumferences are enormous. There is dense undergrowth, through which small streams make their way and occasionally create swamps in open areas where buffaloes and antelopes graze.

Kibale Forest Primate Reserve Seasons
Dry Season

June to September is the driest time when most animals remain near water, but be prepared for afternoon thunderstorms at any time. The hot dry time is January to February and is a good time to visit. Dry season temperatures average 80°F (25°C).

Rainy Season:

It rains anytime from October to December and March to May when many roads become impassible.

Kibale Forest Primate Reserve Highlights
  • • Habituated chimpanzees
  • • 12 different primates
  • • Clouds of butterflies
  • • Ancient forests
  • • Tropical birds
  • Kibale Forest Primate Reserve Facts

    This park is located in the west of Uganda covering an area of 296 miles² (766 km²)

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